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Laughter Seminars

expert knowledge for laughs

what’s the point?

A laughter seminar is a physical and mental kick!

The whole body is affected by laughter, laughter relaxes and invigorates comprehensively. At the same time, on a mental level, the usual seriousness stumbles, entrenched perspectives and behaviour patterns are temporarily changed or even suspended.

In laughter seminars you can experience expansion and enjoy creativity.
I will help you with this. 

How does it work?

Theory and practice, well-dosed and in digestible alternation.

Most people want some prior knowledge before venturing into unknown territory. In laughter seminars I take this into account by teaching the most important scientific humour and laughter facts.
(Curious and able to understand German? Take a look at the blog and dive into the rummage box)

The essentials, however, happen in action.
Through simple exercises and games, we create an atmosphere in which something phenomenal becomes possible: „laughing for no reason“. You’ll be surprised!

(„Classical“ laughter yoga is not what I offer. In the animated part of my input, I make use of the functionalities of laughter yoga in parts).

When leading laughter seminars, I am careful to ensure that no one feels embarrassed or coerced.
Laughter seminars in no way disturb company hierarchies and it is always easy to return to the (possible) seriousness of the event!

As an interlude during an event, a laughter seminar lasts approx. 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. 

Who wants that?

 You, for example,
– when you organise a conference or a training course.
– When you go on retreat with your team.
– if you want to „spice up“ a training course or seminar.
– if you want to gain a new perspective on the dynamics in your team.

Whether it’s a company, school or institution, laughter seminars fit into almost any setting. A handful of participants or several hundred, the group size doesn’t matter. 

What does it cost?

That’s a matter of negotiation.
As unusual as laughter seminars are as a „tool“, as unusual is the way we deal with the question of the fee.
It depends on the effort I put in, on the special circumstances and possibly on your budget.
We talk to each other and find the solution that makes us both happy.
No laughter seminar has ever failed because of the question of money.
So apart from francs or euros, all it costs you is the courage to resort to a means that is not commonplace.

Cheer up!

You’ve found your seminar leader.


Humour Coaching or Humour Therapy?

Stick to the term that appeals to you.

 Bringing more joy and lightness into life.
That is the core theme of my work as a coach and seminar leader.
This is a great claim in view of the unattractive movements in our world on various levels.

I don’t believe in recipes that help to disguise the unpleasant, to reinterpret it or to block it out.
On the contrary, I believe that it is a matter of keeping an eye on the unattractive and allowing ourselves to be touched by it, but not paralysed by it.

The world (and thus also me) is not helped if I freeze.
I find that humour is the best lubricant for staying in motion and the best tool for tapping serious things for leaks. That doesn’t always work and often isn’t the right thing to do, for example when grief demands its space. But even so, there are still enough situations in which one can try to tease out the funny.

Humour can therefore be a facet of joy or – vice versa – create joy.

  „Humour coaching or humour therapy? Stick to the term that appeals to you.“

Therapy is not coaching and coaching is not therapy.

Coaching is the work with basically mentally healthy people who are currently in a conflict or crisis situation and are looking for orientation. One speaks of mental illness when a condition can be classified according to the ICD.

But why do I now leave the choice of the term to you?
Because I find that, in terms of dealing with humour and laughter, the matter is not quite so simple:

In the context of a humour coaching session, it is true that I „only“ help you to test out your capacity for humour and to enliven your laughter. To this end, however, I am not afraid to enter more difficult terrain with you. In this more difficult terrain, we may well stumble over one or two lumps that we could also encounter in therapy.

There is no „Eidg. dipl. Humortherapeut“ diploma; if I were to call myself a humour therapist, that would be dubious.
So, not to complicate the world any further:


Welcome to Humour Coaching!


He laughs best that laughs last


By the way:
Humour is the most difficult gymnastic exercise.
You have to be able to pull your own leg.


Happily, there’s a lecture on happiness!

We do a lot to become, be and stay happy.
It’s good if we know the ingredients for our own happiness and unhappiness. This way, we can refrain from some energy-sapping contortions and invest more energy in things that are good for us.

„HAPPINESS – Tracking Happiness“ is an inspiring input in lecture form. It is about physical health and emotional/mental balance. But also about the influencing factors like relationships, the „home“, personal development, money and work.

The lecture is based on my 3-level model, which I also use in my coaching sessions.

Duration approx. 1 h (by arrangement), conducted via zoom or live on site, for large and small groups.


Become theoretically happy!

It always takes a bit of luck

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